What is CBN?

When it comes to cannabis, most of us are aware of the clear distinction between THC and CBD—two major cannabinoids used for treating ailments of all kinds. However, they’re not the only cannabinoids in the game.

CBN is known as a minor cannabinoid, thanks to the comparatively low levels found in most strains of cannabis. Also referred to as cannabinol, CBN is comparable to CBD since there are no intoxicating effects.

As THC ages, CBN is naturally produced. So, although old cannabis may seem unappetizing to some, other people specifically seek it out for the higher levels of CBN, which boasts many benefits.

This positive quality of CBN may surprise you—it’s antibacterial. Researchers discovered that CBN has proven to be an especially strong antibiotic against bacterial infections that are notorious for being difficult to beat.

Researchers also found that CBN can delay the onset of ALS, suggesting that this unique cannabinoid is a neuroprotectant that can aid in degenerative brain conditions.

CBN also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help ease the pain of arthritis, glaucoma, and other inflammatory conditions.

Finally, CBN is an effective appetite stimulator, offering a non-intoxicating alternative to this popular benefit of THC.

CBN products are most often marketed as sleep agents that can help combat insomnia—however, there is no research that suggests CBN alone is an effective sleep aid. Instead, a combination of CBN and THC has proven to cause helpful drowsiness in those looking for a good night’s rest.

Whatever CBD or CBN products you choose, be mindful that cannabis products can produce varying results in people. Although research can help guide you towards the right products, the best method to finding the perfect product for you is through trial and error.





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