Is CBD Good for My Skin?

CBD skincare is getting a ton of press and attention these days, but you might wonder what the benefits are. CBD can be extremely beneficial as part of your skincare regimen. Of great interest, cannabinoids present in cannabis are known to be potent antioxidants as documented in US patent 6,630,507. This means that CBD skincare can be effective in preventing oxidation or aging of skin cells and regular use could potentially protect against the environmental contaminants that can cause early signs of aging. According to Nishi Whitely, author of “Chronic Relief,” THC and CBD are considered to be more powerful in their antioxidant capabilities than Vitamins C and E.

CBD for Cosmetic Concerns

For minor beauty concerns, hemp CBD skincare topicals can be a fantastic solution for reducing redness or rosacea, puffy under eyes, or for soothing irritated skin. People often report their skin looking younger and more hydrated with continued use CBD oil topically as well.

Scarring is another area of cosmetic skincare that could benefit from CBD topicals. Hemp CBD is conducive to healing for a number of ailments and can often speed recovery time from some serious conditions. To reduce the appearance of severe scarring, one might try a combination of a CBD skincare topical with a silicon bandage to smooth the scar while it is healing. Doctors also recommend massaging scars in certain areas such as the lower abdomen to loosen the tension of the scar in an effort to minimize the appearance in the final stages of recovery.

CBD for Acne and Other Skin Conditions

CBD engages endocannabinoid receptors in the body and in the skin. According to Michele Ross, PHD, author of “Vitamin Weed,” phytocannabinoids have the ability to both up-regulate and down-regulate the human body to reach homeostasis. They could “regulate temperature, inflammation, healing, itch, oil production, and more. When there is endocannabinoid deficiency, conditions like rashes, hives, acne, dry skin, athlete’s foot, and chronic itch can occur.

Restoring endocannabinoid balance through topical application of cannabis can provide immediate relief and combining it with internal ingestion of cannabinoids and lifestyle changes can provide longterm relief.” CBD skincare is even more likely to reduce acne when the formula contains essential oils that reduce the type of bacterium present in pores that are known to cause acne.

Will a CBD Serum Get Me High?

Cannabis topicals generally don’t show up in drug tests and don’t have a psychoactive effect, meaning they won’t get you high. One may find a variety of products on the market such as serums, lotions, and balms with numerous potential applications. There have been some reports of those diagnosed with Autism experiencing a calming state as a result of using skin products made with oils derived from the cannabis sativa or hemp plant. Many women use CBD balms or salves on their lower abdomen during menstruation to reduce discomfort.

“The beauty of using topical cannabis for skin issues like EB,” says cannabis healthcare expert Nurse Susan Marks (RN, BSN, PHN), “is the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain relieving, and anti-microbial properties of cannabinoids. Instead of taking Motrin for inflammation, vitamins E and C for antioxidants, Tylenol for pain, antibiotics for bacterial infection, and anti-fungals for fungal infection, just apply one whole-plant, lab-tested (for purity and quality) cannabis topical and you are covered!”

While everyone responds differently to cannabis or hemp consumption, the results achieved in using CBD topicals are often more consistent. One should consult a doctor for more advanced health concerns, but for mild acne or inflammation, CBD serum, lotion, or oils can be a viable natural solution. And it’s worth noting that many CBD topicals don’t smell remotely like the flower, so no one will know your amazing beauty secret.

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– Courtney Freeman

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Ross, PHD, Michele. Vitamin Weed. Denver, Greenstone Books, 2018.

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