What Is Hemp Flower?

Did you know that smoking hemp flower is legal in the United States? Since the Agricultural Improvement Bill of 2018 a.k.a. The Hemp Bill, Americans have been able to legally purchase and consume hemp CBD products. CBD derived from hemp flower or cannabis flower is the same compound – the difference between cannabis and hemp as it pertains to U.S. federal law lies in the potency of THC contained in the plant material.

THC is the psychoactive compound known for inducing the feeling of being high. Flower or bud from the hemp plant contains less than .3% of THC potency according to regulations. Hemp flower can have a relaxing or euphoric effect and is preferred over cannabis by people who are more sensitive to the effects THC or who are seeking the benefits of CBD consumption without the more intoxicating effects of a THC-dominant strain.

Are There Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower?

Smoking hemp flower as opposed to other methods of ingestion such as oral may be the preferred choice for some people in certain circumstances. Often smoking hemp or CBD-dominant flower can be a faster onset for treating pain for example than other types of administration such as edibles.

Women Smoke CBD for Symptoms of Menopause

While data is anecdotal, dispensary patients have indicated that cannabis is helpful in treating the symptoms of menopause. Women going through “the change” report a slew of challenging symptoms including a shift in mood and libido, hot flashes or night sweats, insomnia and/or vaginal dryness.

Smoking flower is one of the preferred methods of administration for women. Women may wish to consider terpinolene-dominant hemp varieties for day and strains with more myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene for pain-relief.


Will Smoking CBD-Dominant Hemp Flower Increase Sexual Libido?

For women surveyed, cannabis consumption may improve sexual desire, pleasure, or even the quality of an orgasm. Many women prefer low-THC, CBD-dominant flower typical of hemp strains. For men, excessive consumption may reduce testosterone levels.

Michael Backes recommends low doses if one chooses inhalation as the preferred method of administration. CBD-dominant hemp flower with higher levels of the terpenes myrcene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene, or linalool may be the most effective for supporting an improved sexual experience.

If you have questions about treating sexual disfunction or any of the conditions mentioned in this article, consult a physician to identify possible interactions with pharmaceuticals or to identify the best approach for your particular needs.

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– Courtney Freeman

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